Frequently Asked Questions

Why on earth would you devote an entire Tumblr blog to Craig Sager’s suits?
I’ve been obsessed with the NBA since 2006 and one of the things that I look forward to every week when NBA on TNT rolls around (besides the random things that are bound to come out of Charles Barkley’s mouth) is seeing which suit Craig Sager is going to wear. Other people have posted photos and screencaps through their blogs and Twitter, but I thought it would be great to have one place to archive the photos & videos.

Are you blind? How can you like such ugly, tacky, obnoxious suits?
I guess I just appreciate a wardrobe with personality and flair. What you call tacky, I call fun. Anyone can wear a dull blue suit. It takes confidence to wear bright colors and bold patterns.

Do you have a favorite suit?
I think my favorite is the red and pink one that K.G. told him to burn.

I loved that he wore red socks and red shoes with it. No detail was left out.

Does Craig Sager know that there’s a blog out there devoted to his wardrobe?
Yes. I have no idea what he thinks of it, but he knows it exists.

Don’t you have anything better to do than catalog somebody’s suits?
Well, I suppose I could catalog Stan Van Gundy’s black mock turtlenecks… But, I’m convinced he just wears the same one over and over.

Can I post the photos and/or videos from this site to my blog?
Knock yourself out, but if you see a credit on this site (like a photographer’s name, NBAE or Getty images) you should include that as well. If you don’t see a credit, it means the image is a screencap that I’ve pulled off the television with my HD-PVR. Those should be credited to this site as the origin of where you got them (with a link) and copyright credit should go to the NBA & TNT. If you choose to use a big pile of screencaps and not credit anyone, you will surely burn in hell. So good luck with that. :p

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