Q&A with Stacy Sager

Craig Sager’s better half, Stacy Sager, was nice enough to answer a few questions about her famous hubby. Please to enjoy…

1. CraigSagersSuits: People assume that because your husband wears bright colors and bold patterns, that he’s eccentric. Is he? Or is he just a regular guy that happens to like outside-the-box fashion?

Stacy Sager: Craig is far from a ‘regular’ guy, however, he is definitely not eccentric.  He calls his suits his ‘game uniform’.

2. CraigSagersSuits: What happens to older suits that drop out of the rotation? Do they get archived, moved to another closet, donated?

Stacy Sager: Typically, he will donate his suits to charity or hang them in our sports bar we own.  Jocks & Jills Sports Grill in Atlanta.

3. CraigSagersSuits: With all the attention his suits get, has he ever considered launching his own line of suits, shoes or ties?

Stacy Sager: He has been approached several times about starting his own clothing line for suits and/or ties.  When the right opportunity arises, I know he would embrace it.

//Editor’s note: A line of Craig Sager suits! So meta! :D

Special thanks to Stacy for taking the time to answer a few questions!

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