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"The thing with Craig is he gets away with wearing colors that everyone in the world would be afraid to wear… yellow, orange, purple, and he loves it." --Bruce Teilhaber

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Craig Sager post-game interview w/Russell Westbrook

1/31/2013 - Grizzlies @ Thunder

Craig Sager post-game interview w/Russell Westbrook



Craig Sager: Well thanks, E.J. Uh Russell, after a long road trip, the longest of the season in which you went 3 and 3, how eager were you guys to get back on the court tonight as evidenced by your great start?

Russell Westbrook: Very. I think our fans did a good job of just staying with us. They were loud tonight and everybody just came ready to play.


Sager: Everything was going your way, you had a big lead, all of a sudden in the third quarter, words were exchanged. What got you so upset?

Westbrook: Uh, nothing, just a little miscommunication.

Sager: Between you and Thabo?

Westbrook: Nooo, just a miscommunication.

imageSager: I know that happens once in a while and all’s well that ends up well, but at times do you think you need to control your temper more?

Westbrook: I control it like a man, like I did.

Sager: What does that mean? (pause) Put it behind you and go ahead and win?


Westbrook: If that’s what you say, bruh.

Sager: All right, thanks, back to you, EJ.

Editor’s note: I think he also should have asked him if he borrowed his sweatshirt from Pebbles Flintstone or Bam Bam Rubble. That thing is spectacular.

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